Modbox was created in 2020 by two brothers with a passion for design and engineering.

All around us we see structural design solutions that are backward engineered. A prime example being shipping containers that are used for housing or hospitality spaces. There is obviously a need for a functional off-the-shelf solution, a forward engineered structural framework.


We all know the saying coined by Louis Sullivan “Form follows function”. In an ideal world we think “Form is Function”.


So we decided to start from scratch and design a structure to be as functional as possible. Where Modbox expands to three times its original volume, it is completely modular and scalable. Highly adaptable it can take on multiple forms and is transportable anywhere in the world.


In order to develop Modbox four cornerstones of functional design were introduced:

Expandable Design 


Means the Modbox volume increases by three times its packed volume when deployed. This gives it several advantages:

  • Standard footprint is 36sqm. A highly usable space.

  • Logistics costs come down, as there is three times the space per unit moved.

  • Packed away 80% of the internal volume is still usable space, where the frame folds up around the outside. This means units can be filled with equipment or stock, ready to be deployed and instantly operational.

  • The expandable frame with panels means there is little to no on-site construction, just drop and go.


The unique patented design enables spaces to be instantly deployed, scaled and fitted ready for use.



Modular Design


Brings a host of benefits to making structures. Notably the process is far quicker and more efficient as construction is undertaken in a controlled environment. Production line efficiency brings costs down and quality goes up. Less waste and site traffic mean it is a greener process.

From a user perspective having modular parts allows them to be repaired or replaced, and easily introduces customisation.



Adaptable Design


Enables a Modbox to be easily clad with interchangeable panels that define its purpose. The panels easily “click and play” into the structural frame. Having this relationship whereby the structural frame acts like a chassis and the panels bodywork, means purpose-built structures can be easily and cost affectively developed.

  • With a standard frame bespoke development costs are limited to panel designs.

  • From a user perspective it gives much more choice and customisation, allowing them to calibrate design themselves.

  • Once a Modbox has served a purpose, the frame can be simply stripped and repurposed.



Portable Design


Means Modbox is easily hoisted onto a trailer and transported. Lightweight it has fewer limitation as to where it can be placed and how it is transported. Fully portable it can be assembled in a controlled environment and delivered complete to client.


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