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Expandable Mission Modules (EMMs)

Across defence and security there does not exist a standardised architectural platform for deployable structures.


Within defence a future move towards using ISO containerised solutions aims to introduce portable and adaptable design solutions (mission modules). Where a mission module is required to provide operational space and house advanced equipment, a fitted ISO container does not provide enough usable space. Existing expandable container solutions and tents are not nearly adequate.

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Warfare is changing

The war in Ukraine has showed us that warfare is changing.


  • The widespread use of cheap and readily available drones has changed the battlefield. This new capability has made targeting and successfully striking assets much more achievable.


  • The threat of chemical and biological attack is ever evolving and the delivery of such weaponry becoming more sophisticated and harder to defend against.


  • With continued advancement in enemy surveillance capabilities, asset positions are more easily compromised. Highlighting the need for counter-surveillance measures, digital concealment and mobility on the battlefield.


This evolution of the battlefield emphasises the need to improve structural assets through better survivability, integrated technology and mobility.


The patented expanding bi-folding design creates a large deployed footprint, whilst maintaining the orientation of vertical structural walls. This innovation offers the following improvements in efficiency and effectiveness for rapidly deployable structures:


3 x The deployable space per logistical movement Modular design for scalable deployments ISO compatible for intermodal transport Rapid hydraulic deployment in under 2 minutes Single person operation


Armour compatible via hydraulic assistance and structural bi-folding walls Sterile, with less exposure to the outside environment during deployment Resilience to adverse climates with better insulation Weather sealed for controlled internal environment

Integrated Technology

Utilities can be pre-configured and deployment specific Fit-out - Vertical walls accommodate continuous wiring and permanently fixed equipment to internal walls. Storage - packed away, the unit maintains 70% of the storage capacity of a standard ISO shipping container

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