Unique Structural Design

Specialists in Portable, Expandable and Modular Structures


Structural Design at Our Core

Experts in structural design, our engineers specialise in the design and manufacture of unique structures that provide a core framework to a host of different applications and industries from around the world.



Have an idea? we can consult with you to help develop a concept



Our experienced CAD designers will turn your concept into accurate 3D representations 



After a thorough engineering analysis our specialist fabrication team will bring your design to life 



Our logistics team will deliver & deploy your concept to any location in the world


The Modbox Platform

A unique structural frame that expands to to three times its original volume, It can be readily deployed and adapted to suit any specific project needs. 

Lightweight and modular it easily connects to other units for a quick and scaleable solution.

Container Conversions

Before developing our own portable, modular structures we were designing and modifying shipping containers for a wide range of technical applications. 

If you have a specialist task in mind and think an ISO container could work for you, get in. touch. 


The PopBox Platform

A unique, lightweight structural frame that expands to to three times its original footprint. Light enough to be towed behind a vehicle. PopBox is a fast and easy solution to meet the demands for extra outdoor space, with the permanence and quality feel of a permanent indoor space.

Can we help? 

Reach out if you have a questions or ideas on any project that may require some structural engineering